Ranking Behavior

What's the ranking behavior feature?

The ranking behavior feature uses a special algorithm created by our team and helps you to analyze if your backlinks are good (healthy) or bad (toxic). From the moment the backlink has been created, the time it got indexed... The ranking behavior algorithm will analyze it and see how your keyword is reacting to your backlink after its indexation. It has been proved by our tests that as soon a backlink is indexed, the effect is almost instant. Here is an example of a healthy backlink;

How the ranking behavior can help me?

There are many ways to use the ranking behavior, here are a few;

1. Guest post testing

Find blogs that accept guest post articles and monitor how their articles react on the targeted keyword (A full guide is available here) after their indexation. Using this strategy, you can easily add a bunch of blog articles in a campaign and wait until the ranking behavior analysis has finished and then building only links on healthy sites. You can avoid investing money on backlinks that could hurt your site.

2. PBN link testing

Everyone knows how powerful PBNs are... but it works in both direction! Do not test your PBNs before using them on your money site could hurt your ranking dramatically and make important lost in your revenues! Now you can point your PBNs on relevant-niche articles and see if they are healthy or toxic. If your PBN passes the test, you can use it safely on your money site.

3. Link building monitoring

If you don't have the time to test your links opportunities and want to build backlinks at scale.. You can still use Link Tracker Pro to monitoring them and disavow the backlinks that hurt your ranking.

4. Analytic purpose

You can also use the ranking behavior algorithm like a "performance metric" and see the overall performance of all your campaigns.

How the ranking behavior algorithm is working?

The ranking behavior feature starts as soon your link is indexed and last for a minimum of 10 days and will be extended for every Google spike (Google dance). Once the ranking behavior period has finished, the system calculates the difference in ranking from the time you added the link and the day the ranking behavior period has finished and provides the toxicity status based on these criteria;

-2% or over = Toxic

-2% to 2% = Neutral

+2% or over = Healthy

Note 1: The settings above are fully customizable in your profile page under the tab "Ranking Behavior Settings".

Note 2: Unfortunately, if your backlink is already indexed when it is added in Link Tracker Pro, your toxicity result could be incorrect.